Beamer Falls Manor Grimsby, Winter Wedding: Diedre + Eric

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An intimate wedding, in the middle of winter, in the little town of Grimsby. Succulents, gorgeous cascading bouquets and even a custom corsage for the bride’s gown.

beamer-falls-manor-grimsby-winter-wedding-diedre-eric-wedding-sara-wilde-photography-35 beamer-falls-manor-grimsby-winter-wedding-diedre-eric-wedding-sara-wilde-photography-34


Berkeley Fieldhouse, Toronto Wedding: Krista + Marc

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Marc was the Office PA (Production Assistant) on a movie of the week, and Krista was the Art Department PA. They met on Krista’s first day of the job, then she accidentally introduced herself again on the second day. I guess second time’s the charm, because these two pals of mine ended up getting hitched!








Ottawa Engagement Session: Jessica + Jeff

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I’m always up for a little road trip. Or in this case, a train trip. I ventured up to Ottawa to check out this lovely neighbourhood and spend a little time with these two. Wandering the inlet off of the canal where Jeff proposed to Jessica. The park close to their home. The shops. The games. Pretty much the cuteness that is Jessica + Jeff. More of their story to come!

p.s. these two just celebrated their wedding anniversary as well! Happy Anniversary you two crazy kids!

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Glen Abbey Golf Club, Oakville Wedding: Steph + Quintin

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Gotta love a story where the couple meets online and share such a keen affinity towards food that it’s part of their theme for their wedding. Invitations, table names, guest favours and even the succulents in the bouquet and boutonnieres were food related. Quintin even makes his own “Smokn Hat Sawce!”

Also, the band? Ya, Steph’s dad is in the band. And Quintin may also surprise Steph with a little singing of his own later on that night…






Fairmont Le Château Montebello Quebec Wedding: Ray + Alix

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I love a party that starts with a mega bonfire and ends a day later with an epic sunset.

Thank you Ray + Alix for having me along for your adventures in Montebello, Quebec!





The Market Kitchen Wedding, Toronto: Martha + Narcis

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They first met at a bar. Narcis liked how Martha told off a slimy french guy who was propositioning her friend. And Martha liked Narcis’ sweater – it reminded her of Christmas and she told him he looked like an elf.

Needless to say they started attending the market together every Saturday and that’s where someday they would also marry.






Honsberger Estates, Jordan Wedding: Leanne + Dan

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Grab a blanket. A warm cup of something delicious. And enjoy Leanne + Dan as they (and their friends + family) brave the cold at Honsberger Estates.

Side note: this wedding has one of my fave wedding memories of all time. We went to take photos in the field with the horses. One of the horses decided to jump suddenly, kicking out it’s back legs and narrowly missing the bride’s face! (That wasn’t the fave part…this is:) then it kept running, kicking up its back legs and… farting all along the field. Run, kick, fart. Run, kick, fart. Amazing. Farts are funny.




Don Valley Brickworks Toronto Engagement Session: Lisa + Tyler

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Once upon a time, I met this talented piece of arse named Lisa at a photography workshop. She was amazingly sweet and friendly and hilarious. She handed me her business card. That thing was pretty, smooth, and effin’ LEGIT. So was her business card. (hah!) I was intimidated. Obviously this chick had her SHIT together.

Lisa and I became fast photography pals. We shot together, for each other and built each other up. And when she asked me to photograph her wedding. HOLY EFF. I was scared. I don’t want to let my pals down! But when it comes to your photography pals? Whole. Notha. Level.

Love you Lisa. And your talented arse. Hope I did you proud.



Brooklands Farm Wedding, Muskoka: Krystal + Jared

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What do you get when an amazingly talented ceramic artist and a kick ass chef get married? One freaking crazy awesome wedding in Muskoka at Brooklands Farm.

I held this one a little too close to my heart for a little too long. I mean, these two got married TWO (and a half) years ago. But I can only be greedy for a little while, it’s about time I share. And get this blog back into shape. So it’s only fitting I start here.



Brooklands Farm, Muskoka wedding, vintage wedding dress



Puck’s Farm Wedding, Ontario: Holly + Kristjan

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When I first met Holly + Kristjan you could just tell they had a mutual love of everything and anything. Especially music and family. Their wedding was the best combination of both those things. So many awesome friends that are also performers that they technically had their own concert. Pure LOVE. Epic. FUN. Tons of images here – but it’s worth the wait.

Puck's Farm Wedding, Toronto, Sara Wilde Photography

The “Home Sweet Home” comes back later in the night, during an amazing tear-jerker of a speech…