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A little refresh!

Oh hey! It’s been a while!

I know my blog is needing some loving, so I thought while I was at it, I would just refresh the whole site! Much needed! Please let me know of any little bumps or hiccups (I know previous blog posts the images don’t quite line up anymore…)

Now, while you wait ever-so-patiently for some new blog posts, I hope you’ll take a look at the new galleries section of my site, or hop on over to Facebook. Both will have some recent photos until I can play catch up here.

I hope you love the new look!


p.s. here’s a photo of my sissy Amber, letting me test out some smoke bombs on her. She IS da bomb.

Smoke bomb portrait, Hamilton, Sara Wilde Photography

Ottawa Engagement Session: Jessica + Jeff

I’m always up for a little road trip. Or in this case, a train trip. I ventured up to Ottawa to check out this lovely neighbourhood and spend a little time with these two. Wandering the inlet off of the canal where Jeff proposed to Jessica. The park close to their home. The shops. The games. Pretty much the cuteness that is Jessica + Jeff. More of their story to come!

p.s. these two just celebrated their wedding anniversary as well! Happy Anniversary you two crazy kids!

Ottawa Engagement Session, Sara Wilde Photography


Don Valley Brickworks Toronto Engagement Session: Lisa + Tyler

Once upon a time, I met this talented piece of arse named Lisa at a photography workshop. She was amazingly sweet and friendly and hilarious. She handed me her business card. That thing was pretty, smooth, and effin’ LEGIT. So was her business card. (hah!) I was intimidated. Obviously this chick had her SHIT together.

Lisa and I became fast photography pals. We shot together, for each other and built each other up. And when she asked me to photograph her wedding. HOLY EFF. I was scared. I don’t want to let my pals down! But when it comes to your photography pals? Whole. Notha. Level.

Love you Lisa. And your talented arse. Hope I did you proud.



Toronto Island Engagement: Brian + Chantal

Loved hanging out with these two at Ward’s Island. We wandered, played golf frisbee and I got attacked by red ants (where I later found out I was allergic to!)

Brian is actually the brother of an amazing pal of mine – Janice – who I went to University with. So when I met her bro, I knew he would be equally amazing (and he is!) And Chantal? Exactly the same. You’ll just have to wait for their wedding post to hear how Brian proposed to Chantal. (Hint: what’s the nerdiest computer program you know?)

For now, enjoy our little adventure together. Just SEE how much they adore one another.

Toronto Island, Ward's Island Engagement Session, Sara Wilde Photography


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Cottage Engagement Session, Kawarthas Ontario: Dan + Sara

When I first meet my couples, I joke around with them and tell them that I will be doing a “Psych 101” questionnaire. Well it’s sorta true. It just helps me get to know them better as a couple! One of those questions is: When you can do anything you want to do – what do you do?
So when Sara + Dan said: spending time outdoors, at their family’s cottage and out on the boat. And that was something they were hoping to do for their engagement session, I was like: Uhm. YES?! They read my mind.

I’m always up for a little adventure and we did just that. Wandered around their cottage neighborhood, played on their boat and went on a little hike for a picnic.

I seriously adore my couples though. You know it’s love when I step on a rusty nail during their session and Sara plays nurse on my stinky foot. (THANKS LOVELY!! xoxo)

Kawarthas Ontario Engagement Session, Sara Wilde Photography