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I’m about to get down and dirty with a personal story.

The hubster and I have been trying to have a little one for over three years. Every month I knew it would be it! Baby time! We were ready! Negative after negative test, heart break after heart break, I began to get stressed. This was suppose to be EASY and AWESOME and FUN!

We knew something was up. Doctor referred me to an OB, who then referred me to a fertility specialist. Jody did some fun tests. I did some fun tests. Then we found out I had a not so nice growth in my uterus that pretty much took up the WHOLE thing. No egg could implant, even if they wanted to.

So, I had to get surgery. Cauterized the whole lining of my uterus and was told I had a chance that it may leave me infertile. No babies. Jody and I grew to that understanding that it might not happen for us. We were still gonna give it all we got, maybe IVF, maybe adoption, maybe go on a ton of vacations… we would just see where this road led us.

Less than a year after surgery, after our move to our first home, it was the beginning of October and I realized I was a bit “late.” Being the anal person that I am, I checked my menstrual cycle app thinking I may have entered in the wrong date by chance? I’ll just wait a couple more days as my cycle is out of control.

My mind went into overdrive, I couldn’t think, couldn’t sleep and I had WICKED heartburn. I decided to get the test. I was going to wait until the next morning to take it as morning pee is best (so says the instructions.) BUUUUTTTT, I’m an impatient person. I took it mid-day and not even the full waiting time later it was screaming at me in it’s little digital print – PREGNANT. I decided to wait 2 more minutes, just in case it was playing a mean trick on me.

I waited. It still said pregnant. I laughed hysterically and teared up at the same time. I couldn’t WAIT for the hubster to get home.

Needless to say – shit just got real. WE ARE GOING TO BE PARENTS.

And what would a post be without photos? Here’s what I gave Jody when I told him he was going to be a dad! (iphone photo sorry!) Also, our Christmas card this year, and of course, our little bean chilling in an ultrasound picture. YOU CAN SEE TOES.

Watch out world – a Wilde-Franz will be on the loose June, 2014.

EDIT: For my current clients or future ones! I will still be doing weddings etc. from the end of July onwards! So feel free to contact me! xoxo

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My Mama

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I remember back in public school (this is going WAYYY back people) when we would dedicate part of our day to creating that amazing mother’s day gift. From macaroni art, to hand drawn cards, to those things where you spell mother down the page and come up with sentences for each letter, to collages of cut-up magazines words describing you mother, where you cut up the the word “sexy”, not knowing what it meant and your mother throws it in your face year after year (and keeps it tucked away in a little box of memories.)

My mama – or drama mama as I lovingly call her – is a pretty amazing person. For the longest time she played the role as a single mother. She was literally the role of two parents while working two jobs and taking care of a handful of children. When we lived in the states, there was a time where we needed food stamps and social assistance to get us on our feet and she ALWAYS kept her head held high. Never let ANYONE get you down.

She made our clothes, our dolls clothes and tried to make the best situations out of everything and anything. (I still think she would make a KILLING on Etsy!)

She put US first. Always. She made sacrifices. She did her best, and I love her for it.

So I obviously dedicate this post to my mama. She made me the strong person that I am today. She made me value everything and anything (even the small things!) She passed on life lessons (“Things happen for a reason”, “Treat others the way YOU wish to be treated” “It ISSSSS what it ISSSS”…etc.)

I love you drama mama! (I’m sure someone will read this blog post to you, since you don’t know how to turn on a computer…) Happy Mother’s Day! xo

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Donating my wedding dress…to help fight cancer

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I once was a bride as well. Stressed about my details (or lack there-of), my guest list (I didn’t want to offend ANYONE! But also needed to stick to a budget), and of course, finding THE dress. The one that sucked it in, in ALL the right places. Made me feel confident. The one that really, my sister Mara picked out for me because I have decisionitis.

Our planning was quite the emotional roller-coaster. Jody (the hubster) and I received some shocking news that his mom (Diane) was diagnosed with terminal lung cancer. It made us realize how SHORT life really is to not spend it with the ones we love. To celebrate those milestones TOGETHER as a family. Jody and I had been together for just over a year when he popped the question. Of course I said yes.

We were married in August 2008. Diane passed away from her cancer December 2008.

As for the dress? It use to sit squished in a corner of my closet, never been cleaned (GASP!), never been “boxed.” Was I seriously going to wear this dress again? Could I make it into something? When will I have the time for that?

But by chance I stumbled across this site: The Brides’ Project. And on Saturday, I dropped it off / donated it.

The Brides’ Project donates ALL PROCEEDS from the sales of donated wedding dresses to support cancer charities like: The Canadian Cancer Society, The Breast Cancer Foundation, Camp Quality and several other related organizations that help fight cancer and/or support those afflicted. And hey, it’s also helping brides pick out that amazing dress… for a fraction of the price and an amazing cause.

I think Diane would have approved.