You have questions? I have answers! And if you don't see your answer here, please don't hesitate to reach out and ask.

What is an exclusive recipe or craft?

An exclusive recipe or craft is a photo package (and depending on the package – a PDF or SVG file) that is sold to only one blogger. You win the award for quickest finger on the buy button! Once that recipe is sold, it is yours and yours alone and will not be recreated. 

Just a little FYI, there could be hundreds of variations out there. You may see something similar – like How to Dye Easter Eggs or Cheesecake – but all packages I sell strive to be truly fun, different and unique!

What is a semi-exclusive recipe or craft?

A semi-exclusive recipe or craft is a photo package (and depending on the package – a PDF or SVG file) that is sold to multiple bloggers. You win the award for sharing with your peers! Each blogger gets their own styled set of hero images. You will share the recipe or instructions, PDF / SVG files (if applicable), FAQ’s, notes and process images. It’s an amazing way to save and purchase quality content at the same time!

Why are some recipes and crafts priced differently?

I take into account a few things when pricing my photo packages:

• Recipe or craft type (simple vs complicated)
• Ingredient or supply list
• Shooting time
• Amount of time testing
• Quantity of images

How and when do I receive my images / recipes / printables / content?

Dinna fash! (Sorry, I’ve been watching too much Outlander…) as soon as your payment goes through, you will receive a link right away to download your content. How convenient is that? (Not as convenient as waiting for the next season of Outlander…) 

I’ll also keep any content on archive for 6 months. Please remember to backup yours once received!

If you do not receive the digital product link upon purchasing within 12 hours, please email me at hello@sarawilde.com with your transaction details so I can get the content to you ASAP!

What is included with my download(s)?

No matter what you order – whether it be a craft or recipe – each package includes high resolution photos: an ingredient / supply list, process photos in portrait and a variety of hero images in both portrait and landscape. These will be a mix of close-ups, overheads, and 45s.

I also include a Word doc of the recipe or craft outlining in my own words: ingredients / supplies needed, numbered instructions, FAQ’s (tips and suggestions), keywords for SEO and anything else I think might be useful for that specific project or recipe. Lastly, I check all written content through Copyscape (an anti-plagiarism site) to put your mind – and awesome blogger reputation – at ease! 

If you purchase a printable included with your photos, you will receive a PDF. If required, please send me a note and I can add your blog url on the bottom of the page(s)!

For cut files: you will receive SVG file(s). 

Please ensure you read the entire listing description to see what is included in each package.

Are the photos high resolution?

I export all images at 300 DPI, which in the printing world, is considered high resolution. So, yes!

What is your return / refund policy?

Due to the nature of digital content being made immediately accessible after purchasing, all purchases made on sarawilde.com are non-refundable or exchangeable. If you do have any questions, or see any problems with the photos – or if applicable – printables you’ve purchased, please send me a note at hello@sarawilde.com so I can ensure we have any human errors fixed! 

Who REALLY owns the copyright to these awesomely fun photos?

Oh… copyright. The most trickiest question to answer. Long story short, it’s industry standard that the photographer retains the copyright to all images. So, when purchasing images from me, you are purchasing a license to use the photos for your business, personal and commercial use. This means you can use the photos on your blog, social media channels, e-books, and other digital uses. Photos cannot be used for; end products for sale, to sell the photos to any stock company, or to any other blogger (unless you sell your WHOLE blog to another owner.)

The only ask I have, is that I get to use a few images for my portfolio and social media channels to market my business. I will always tag you to lead my followers on where to find your amazing content! 

I will NOT resell any images or recipes that you purchase from me. 

For further clarification, questions or extended licensing , please feel free to send me an email at hello@sarawilde.com

When do you post new content for sale? 

New content is posted every other week at the earliest or once a month (depending on schedules!) on "Wilde Wednesday’s" – 11am EST. I might sneak in a few extras in between listings, but you will have to sign up for my newsletter to get those little sneaky peeks! Or sign-up just to have the reminder of when new content is available in the shop.

Do you work one-on-one with bloggers or take requests?

Currently I don’t have any availability to work with individual bloggers as space is limited, but if you would like to know when I have space, please sign up for my newsletter! 

As for requests, I’d love to consider any suggestions! Send me an email at hello@sarawilde.com to see what’s cooking up in the creative brain of yours. Pun intended. 

What types of payments do you receive?

All content for sale is made through payment gateways that use SSL encryption; PayPal, Shopify Payments (Apple Pay, Google Pay and all major credit cards.) These payment gateways are safe and secure for using all types of credit cards and debit cards in different countries and your details are not stored during this process.

Where did you get your training?

I had quite the journey to get to where I am today! With a background and honors degree in Graphic Design, I fell in love with food and drink photography during a photography session while working in the field.

My training in the food photography world started in late 2019 with a chance meeting and a gift of an amazing course in 2020: Pretty Focused! I am a PF Grad as of mid-2021 and loving every second of it!

Let's talk about your gear!

Okay, we can nerd out together.

I'm a Nikon girl and currently use two D750's for my bodies.

Lenses include:

• 50mm 1.4

• 60mm Macro 2.8

• 100mm Macro 2.0

• 24–70 2.8

• 35mm 1.4

• 85 1.4

Because of the non-existent light and long winters here in Ontario, I mainly shoot using artificial light. Using my GINORMOUS octagon softbox, I can recreate natural window light and bright, airy, colorful photos that everyone loves!